Monday, February 22, 2016

Shyanne Brown 4th hr comp News Chemo kits A fifth grader in ST. Louis had a good idea about how to help patients that are fighting cancer. She got this idea because of her late aunt. Madeline Domian who is 10 years old has put together over 50 kits to help children and adults deal with cancer treatments. The young girl told ABC news she wanted to help her Aunt Kathy that was diagnosed with cancer. The first thing this young lady did was to sell cookies to donate funds to the American Cancer Society.Madeline than came up with the "Kare Kits 4 Kids" idea as a way to honor her deceased Aunt. These kits are given to patients that are stricken with cancer. Madeline states," I just want to make them feel better and have a great life. I want to give them some comfort." This is a great example of how we can help and support people in need.

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