Thursday, March 17, 2016

Shyanne Brown 2nd hr comp ABC news " A California bill that could potentially raise the smoking age to 21 could have a wide-ranging effect on young adult health in the state, according to experts". Many of the smokers in America start as teens and mostly before they are legally of age to purchase cigarettes. Some experts say that raising the age to 21 could help stop some teens from becoming addicted to cigarettes. It is still unclear if Governor Jerry Brown will approve the measure. Members from the vaping industry issued a statement that they were upset that their products were in with the other tobacco products in the bill. The vape industry is urging Brown to veto. There was one 2015 report by the Institution of Medicine attempted to break down how raising the age to buy that products would save lives. The report said that 90 percent of smokers start before they are 19. They have found that raising the legal age to buy the products would help cut teen smoking. So that 18 year old high school senior would no linger be able to legally buy cigarettes for their friends.